This is a home page of Finnish Kodittomat Espanjan koirat association, which was established in May 2006. The goal and purpose of the association is to help homeless dogs especially in Spain and it’s southern Costa del Sol area.

There are thousands of homeless dogs in southern Spain. Even if there are a lot of dog friendly people living on the area, in general dog’s position in southern Spain is quite bad. A lot of dogs are abandoned and even killed, without any understandable reason.

Alone on the Malaga area there are several municipal and private shelters, that collect homeless and abandoned dogs found on the area. Municipal shelters usually put down each dog after ten days, if the owner is not found by that time. Private shelters try to keep dogs alive and find new homes to them. Our association works closely together with these local Spanish associations to help save dog’s lives and to improve situation in Southern Spain in general.

There are several ways to help. On our first operating year we have already found new, loving homes in Finland for nearly 200 previously homeless Spanish dogs. Our goal is to select new homes very carefully. We always get to know each dog as well as possible, and then we try to find the perfect home for each dog in question. We don’t give dogs to anyone.

You can see pictures and stories (in Finnish) of the dogs that have been adopted from Spain to Finland on our pages, under the link Kodin saaneet koirat.

The biggest challenge at the moment is to find a flight transport for each adopted dog, to get dogs to their new homes in Finland. Each dog needs to travel with a flight passenger who travels from Malaga to Finland (Helsinki airport). Dog will travel in a transport box or bag. In a plane the boxes are placed in hold with other luggage. If you are travelling at any time from Malaga to Helsinki, please contact Miia or Helena and offer your help to us. It’s very easy to help. We take care of all arrangements needed. Each dog is prepared with required vaccinations, micro chip and EU passport for pets.

We also help local private shelters by giving them donations. We make sure, that the money is well spend on homeless dog’s medical care, food or for example improving local shelters. We follow regulations and keep contacts to authorities in Finland and Spain, to make sure that all work we do to help dogs, is done in a right way.

If you are able to help dogs or just want to know more about our associacion, please feel free to contact us!

Miia Marjamäki tel. +34-600 834 626,